A lifelong artist, Paul Kilgore has worked in every medium from ceramics and metals to watercolor and pen and ink.


He developed an early interest in art as a child, and was rarely not working on a project. After high school, this path took him to Millersville University in Pennsylvania, where he received a degree in Industrial Arts Education, majoring in Graphics. Paul's artistic pursuits have continued until the present day, doing everything from architectual landscapes to event poster illustrations.

Yet throughout the years, Wood has always played a part in his creative life. He has made furniture, games, and a variety of other functional and decorative pieces, each with his own original style and design. With these experiences to draw from, his passion for the medium is now focused on his line of handcrafted carved walking sticks, staffs, and canes.

In his adulthood, he started to embrace his Scottish roots; a development that is now inspiring his work as he incorporates the shapes and iconography of Celtic art into his carvings.

Paul is a resident of Strasburg, Pennsylvania.

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